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  • Oven

    De Dietrich ovens are designed with the utmost refinement and attention to detail, and with the latest patented technologies and innovations.

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  • Hob

    De Dietrich offers you a full complete collection of induction hobs, available in widths of 93, 80, 65, 38 and 30cm.

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  • Hood

    De Dietrich Hoods Collection showcases a perfect alliance of design, know-how and innovations; and are also more intuitive, intelligent and silent.

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  • Warming

    For rapid reheating of cups, saucers, bowls, plates and your other kitchenware.

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  • Espresso

    De Dietrich coffee machines allow freedom of expression as you decide the grinding fineness, quantity and temperature of water and coffee. For your perfect individual preference.

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  • Wine

    Our inbuilt Air Cooling system ensures perfect air circulation, and prevents odours and stale air. Optimum wine storage conditions to protect your vintages.

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  • Refrigerator

    Optimised cooling space, intelligent cooling and freezing technology, and enhanced energy conservation.

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  • Dishwasher

    De Dietrich dishwashers, a showcase of form and functionality. A choice of two dishwasher types: Fully Integrated and the new Hybrid Integrated.

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  • Washing

    In its continual search of excellence, the De Dietrich washing machine is designed to offer utmost user comfort when doing your laundry.

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  • Washer

    Laundry time is a breeze with the new De Dietrich washing machine and dryer: reinvented to offer utmost ease and convenience.

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  • Dryer

    For ease of use, an animated LCD screen on all De Dietrich dryers offer full information on your drying cycle.

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