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  • 1684

    The De Dietrich legacy began at an iron forge in Strasbourg, France. Where Jean DeDietrich, son of a rich family of financiers invests in a foundry and ironworks.

  • 1761

    Jean De Dietrich becomes a great industrialist and was knighted by King Louis XV for his contribution to France.

  • 1778

    The De Dietrich logo is born. King Louis XV confers the hunting horn trademark to De Dietrich’s ironworks as a seal of quality and to prevent counterfeit.

  • 1806

    Amelie De Dietrich extends the brands into producing railway equipment, ornamental ironwork and enameling. She becomes the first person to recognise the importance of design and aesthetics in industrial production for the home.

  • 1902

    Adrien de Dietrich collaborated with the young Ettore Bugatti to build the first De Dietrich - Bugatti car, an embodiment of technology and design.

  • 1910

    De Dietrich launches the world’s first domestic oven, the Mertzwiller Cooker.

  • 1997

    De Dietrich pioneered the first domestic induction hob; launches the world’s first steam oven and invents 'cold door' ovens.

  • 2003

    De Dietrich patented the ICS (Intelligent Control System) oven with menu control.

  • 2007

    De Dietrich is awarded the Innovation Prize for the Quattro dishwasher and the Janus Prize for Industrial Design for the Colour Matrics oven with pivoting control panel.

  • 2011

    De Dietrich unveils the revolutionary Piano: the world's most advanced zoneless induction cooktop.
    A revolution in Induction technology.