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About Groupe Brandt

The Cevital Groupe became the sole shareholder in Groupe Brandt to create one of the largest European household appliances group. Operating throughout the five continents, the group boasts an annual turnover of more than €867 million through its strongly established brands like De Dietrich, Brandt, Sauter and Vedette. Our expertise in the household appliance industry offered enormous potential synergies in purchasing, branding, research and development.

Groupe Brandt’s industrial tool is one of the driving force on the Group’s quality and innovation policy.

Close collaboration with the marketing and industrial management teams ensures that all processes are standardized across the group’s 2 plants: cooking products at Orléans and Vendôme, collaboration with cooking at Italy, washing at Poland and La Roche-sur-Yon, and with microwaves at Aizenay.

With 7 production plans, of which 6 are in Europe (5 in France, 1 in Italy and 1 in Poland), Our business approach is conveyed to all our production plants and subsidiaries, applying the management model in all areas in which we operate, in accordance with our social responsibility commitment.

Management at every site is responsible for the industrial process from beginning to end (specifications, purchasing, quality control). In addition to production, this strong involvement helps to promote innovation and to reduce the need for after-sales services.

Core Values

We believe our people are the group’s true assets. As a multicultural group, we work together as a team forming a collective sense of belonging, while advancing as a whole. Our values form the basic nature of the group, creating a sense of identity, fostering cohesion and developing a management approach that sets us apart from other companies; providing procedural guidelines and a common focus for everyone in the pursuit of their everyday duties.

  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Courage and Commitment
  • Solidarity and Citizenship
  • Respect

Every group employee is expected to support the company’s "customer first" culture. This culture enables the group to introduce regular product and service improvements without going through lengthy commercial, administrative or industrial procedures. The "customer first" policy is reflected by the group’s extremely efficient customer service department, call management system and staff commitment. The group focuses its development policy on innovation to make Groupe Brandt a benchmark brand.

Our Brands


Due to the strong individual histories and values, consistency, diversity and synergy of these brands, Groupe Brandt is able to adapt perfectly to current and future local market requirements and to offer consumers and distributors products that satisfy all their expectations and needs.

Innovation at every level is vital to guarantee the success of the business: management, logistics, marketing, research & development as well as new products.

Groupe Brandt wants to set the pace as a business that provides the greatest number of useful Innovations – features that enhance our every day lives.


Smart innovation is about catering to modern needs, developing practical solutions to enhance our lives. Groupe Brandt has conducted a wide range of research projects in numerous fields to develop stylish useful solutions:

  • Renewable energies
  • Improved safety
  • Design, blending style with ergonomics
  • Demonstrable efficiency
  • Food safety

Brandt Asie

Brandt Asie Pte Ltd started business marketing Thomson washing machines in Singapore in 1976 and started growing the cooking business with De Dietrich and Brandt in 2003, we are now recognized as a leading distributor of European made kitchen and washing appliances; with a strong presence in the residential projects’ market. Our premium brand, De Dietrich is now well recognized by architects, developers, designers, chefs & discerning customers as the premium kitchen appliance of choice, and are fitted in many award winning residences and food & beverage establishments.

Brandt Asie is the regional head office for all markets in Asia and Oceania.

Last year, we marked our 37th years of success in Singapore. From a company which solely distributes Thomson washing machines to one that carries mid to premium cooking and washing brands - Brandt & De Dietrich & later on, appointed as the regional head office for Asia Pacific & Oceania markets.

Over the years, Brandt Asie has managed to establish a wide distribution network, currently serving 14 countries in Asia and Oceania in terms of marketing, product management, logistics, sales & export, spare parts and technical support:

  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • China
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan

Our company specialized in providing innovation product and services that cater for our customer’s growing requirements and expectations: to do so, we have upheld the concept of proximity and transparency through the implementation of new projects that bring the company closer to market and to customers, providing them with comprehensive solutions.

All this together with our enormous capacity for adapting to market demands, has enabled us to consolidate our position in the various market for household appliances:

  • Quality Products
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Innovative Feature